Do I Need a License to Sell on Amazon UAE?

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As the digital age propels us towards more online-based activities, the allure of eCommerce beckons many entrepreneurs. One common question individuals have is what is an ecommerce license in Dubai and when delving into this field in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is “”””Do I need a license to sell on Amazon UAE?”””” To answer briefly, yes, to sell products on Amazon’s UAE platform, it is mandatory to have a Trade License issued by the Department of Economic Development in any of the seven Emirates.

Introduction to Amazon UAE

Amazon UAE is a subsidiary of the renowned global online marketplace, Amazon. It has proven itself to be one of key online selling platforms in UAE offering a stellar avenue for businesses and individuals who wonder how to sell products online in UAE. It not only provides the platform but also mandates that all sellers provide a valid Trade License, demonstrating the company’s commitment to a safe and legal trading environment.

do I need a license to sell on amazon ae

Understanding eCommerce in the UAE

The eCommerce license in Dubai and indeed across the UAE is of great essence. The UAE, given its strategic position and robust economic infrastructure, has established itself as a hotbed for digital commerce. The government here has instituted regulations to protect consumers and legitimize online commerce. A significant component of these regulations is the requirement for any person or company engaging in online commerce to have a Trade License.

The Importance of a Trade License

The eCommerce license Dubai price varies based on several factors. Despite the cost, a Trade License signifies that a business is legally allowed to operate in the UAE. It reassures customers of your legitimacy, safeguards your rights as a business owner, and ensures accountability for the products you sell. The government closely monitors businesses, and any attempt to operate without valid authorization often results in penalties.

=Here is a quick list of the importance of a trade license:

  1. It legitimizes your business.
  2. It safeguards your rights and interests as a business owner.
  3. It instills confidence in your customers regarding your business’s legality.

How to Acquire a Trade License

Gaining a Trade License in the UAE is an organized process that involves:

  1. Determining the Type of Economic Activity: Different categories and sub-categories of economic activities are available, and the right one must be selected based on your business nature.
  2. Deciding Ownership and Legal Status: The license holder needs to decide whether the business will be a Free Zone, Onshore, or Offshore company.
  3. Registering a Trade Name: This is with the Department of Economic Development. The name should not contradict public morals or the country’s public order.
  4. Submitting an application: All the required documents should be submitted along with the application.
1.Determine the type of economic activity.
2.Decide on legal form and ownership type.
3.Register a trade name.
4.File an application for the trade license.

This comprehensive outline and table detail the process of acquiring a trade license. It’s important to note the necessity of this document in successfully launching your e-commerce business on Amazon UAE or any other online selling platforms in UAE.

steps to start selling on amazon uae

The Process of Selling on Amazon UAE

Once you have acquired your trade license, embarking on the journey of selling on Amazon UAE is the next step.

Create Your Amazon Seller Account

A new seller can easily create an Amazon Seller account by navigating to the Amazon Seller Central site and providing the mandatory details. Basic details such as your name, email address, password, and legal name of the business are required. Importantly, as mandated by Amazon UAE, a copy of your Trade License, proof of address, and bank account details are needed.

Listing Your Products

Now that your seller account is set up, it’s time to stir interest through eye-catching product listings. Tackling this step involves providing an in-depth description of regarding product features, along with high-resolution product images. It’s essential to make your product stand out in a sea of ample choices available to consumers.

Fulfillment Options

Amazon UAE avails two fulfillment options to its sellers. First, there is ‘Fulfillment by Amazon’ (FBA), which involves shipping your products to Amazon’s warehouse from where Amazon handles storage, packaging, and shipping to the customers. Second, there’s ‘Fulfillment by Merchant’ (FBM), where you take up the responsibility for storage, packaging, and shipping. Based on your business size and capacity, you can choose the most suitable option.

Understanding Amazon’s Policies and Requirements

Amazon UAE, being an extension of a global eCommerce giant, upholds regulations that cater to both the sellers’ and buyers’ best interests. As a seller, your compliance to these policies is crucial to your journey on Amazon. Amazon requires sellers to ensure their products meet UAE’s safety and legality standards and adhere to Amazon’s Selling Policies and Seller Code of Conduct.

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The Benefits of Selling on Amazon UAE

There are numerous benefits associated with selling on Amazon UAE. These include:

  1. Access to a larger customer base: Amazon UAE avails your products to millions of customers, thereby granting a significant boost to your customer reach.
  2. An opportunity to expand your business internationally: Even as a local UAE seller, Amazon opens doors to international trade.

Expanding your Business Internationally

Being on Amazon UAE does not limit you to selling within the borders of the UAE only. Amazon features a ‘Global Selling’ program that catapults your business to an international level. This program allows sellers from the UAE to list and sell their products on other Amazon sites across the globe.

Getting Access to Millions of Customers

The opportunity to reach a vast customer base is one of the incredible benefits of selling on Amazon UAE. Millions of customers trust and shop from Amazon because of its renowned credibility and wide variety of products. Being a seller on Amazon signifies your customers’ increased potential, thereby significantly boosting your sales.

In a nutshell

Selling on Amazon UAE necessitates having a valid trade license—a prerequisite that promotes a legitimate and secure eCommerce environment. Securing this license might be a keenly monitored process, but it opens your business to a deeply satisfying journey of robust growth, fiscal benefits, and an ever-expanding customer base. With Amazon UAE, the potential for success in your online business journey is truly boundless.


  1. Do I need a license to sell on Amazon UAE? Yes. Amazon requires all its sellers to provide a valid trade license issued by the Department of Economic Development in any of the seven Emirates of the UAE.
  2. What are the advantages of selling on Amazon UAE? Selling on Amazon UAE gives you access to a larger, diverse consumer base and provides an opportunity to expand your business internationally.
  3. Can I sell globally through Amazon UAE? Yes. Amazon UAE has a ‘Global Selling’ program that allows UAE sellers to list and sell their products across other Amazon platforms worldwide.
  4. What are the steps to get a Trade License in UAE? The steps involve choosing your economic activity, deciding on the ownership and legal status, registering a trade name with the Department of Economic Development, and submitting an application with the required documents.
  5. How to list products on Amazon UAE? Listing products on Amazon UAE involves providing a detailed product description and high-resolution product images. The emphasis should be on making the product appeal to consumers in a competitive online marketplace.