iFace 302 Face and Fingerprint Biometric Reader

With iFace 302, users can identify or verify themselves either by face, finger, ID card or PIN/password. The TFT color touch screen of iFace 302 provides ease of use and a rich user experience. The iFace 302 uses state of the art 3D imaging technology while aslo providing hygienic 100% touch-free biometric authentication. The iFace 302 utilizes ZK’s latest face and fingerprint matching algorithms. iFace 302 can one to many (1:N) match up to 400 faces and 2000 fingerprints. When users glance into the camera, it captures the relative position, size, and shape of the user’s eyes, nose, cheekbones, and jaw. These parameters are then used to create a biometric template which is then used to subsequently verify or identify each user. The iFace 302 can be used as a stand-alone access control reader by connecting a door lock, exit switch, alarm and door sensor to the relay contacts. The Wiegand IN and OUT ports can be used to connect 3rd party access control panels and peripherals. The iFace 302 also includes a USB-port for offline data backup/management.For even more security, iFace 302 can be purchased with an internal ID card reader which adds still another layer of security.


HJ699 Fingerprint Time Attendance Access System

Hybrid engine recognition algorithm improves the reliability, precision and excellent matching speed. It can manage 3,000 different quality fingerprint templates within 2 seconds. Built in embedded standalone module (ZEM500) with strong American Intel 32 bit X-scale CPU, easy to integrate and install. Apply the multifunctional LINUX embedded operation system, can satisfy most market demands based on fingerprint embedding. It can manage sleep mode, power on and off at schedule time. Optical scanner with film improved image quality, accepts dry and wet fingers. Supports 360-degree rotation identification, easy to use and reliable. Supports 24 hours continuous operation. Build in voltage monitor with programmable watchdog and timer. Users can custom-tailor the functions without Single Chip Micro-computer, which meets the different requirment of different customers and improve their company competitiveness.