Original Music Production & Recording

We are here to help you with all your music production and recording needs. Whether you are looking to record a demo, full album, or just one song - we will make your music come to life. The process includes live recording, drum programming, use of analog and soft synths and so on to create the music. Depending on your project and style of music, we will record at our studio or utilize one of our affiliates.
Prior to recording, our production team will discuss with you and/or your band to determine your needs and to provide an assessment of your music. For clients from out of town, this pre-production process can be done via Skype, saving back and forth trips. The production and recording process is a collaborative effort. Our flat rate fees ensure that you dont have to look at the clock every hour - we will keep going until you are happy with the recording.


Radio Ads - Music & Voice

Whether its for the launch of your first ad campaign or building on existing branding, PR, direct-response or promotions, jingles are invaluable in reaching your audience. Our team will develop a radio spot that would grab the attention of your target audience. You can fully utilize the power of radio with our custom music production + voice-actor talent pool.


Sound Design

Sound Design adds dimension and detail; bringing a film to life no matter what the genre. Great sound design doesn't call attention to itself, it calls attention to the story. Like music, the right sound at the right moment heightens emotional impact. It requires technical skill. But most importantly, it requires a creative collaborator who will invest the time and make the commitment to understanding your goals - down to the smallest subtext.


Music Video Production & Editing

We work with a highly talented music video production team and are able to deliver major-label quality music videos at a fraction of the price. There are no limits to creativity. Most importantly, as a musical artist in todays world, having a sellable image is more important than ever. Our team focuses on developing high quality, attention-grabbing visual content that matches and complements your music.